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What Makes Successful People Different?

I'm one of the lucky people who has had a chance to work with and learn from my father. He definitely started me down the career path that I am on and now we've decided to combine our experiences and interests and co-author a series of books together. The title of our series is Success Mindsets and Accelerators and it came about after discussions about what we notice successful people have in common or what makes successful people different.

We started by thinking about the mindsets- or how people think- that we see successful people having. The success mindsets we identified were perspective- how you understand what is important, purpose- why you do something and passion - your intense enthusiasm for something. With our series of books we hope to challenge you to thinking about your own perspective, purpose and passion and how they are impacting your success.

We also noticed common factors around accelerators that propel people to success. These three we identified were preparation - the effort you put into getting ready, positivity- how you see situations and the world and perseverance - how you react to setbacks. The three final books in the series will examine how you can utilize these factors to accelerate your own success.

Check out the first book in our series the Power of Perspective (click the image below) and come back for more information about all the success mindsets and accelerators.


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