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Learning from Others’ Perspectives

While living in west Africa this summer I have spent a lot of time considering my own perspective. However, I have also devoted time to considering others’ perspectives as well. How often do you consider others’ perspective - how they may be similar or different to your own?

For instance, while driving across three countries last week, I took a picture of what I described as an overloaded truck (see picture above). Those baskets on top of the truck are used for fishing and as you can see they extend past the roof of the minivan carrying them. I didn’t think at the time what the perspective of the driver of that minivan would be about that load and whether it was “overloaded” or not.

I even described it on a Facebook post as “the biggest load we saw.” However, a Facebook friend showed me a different perspective by commenting:

That is an innovative transportation engineering solution to reduce multiple trips. Hats off to their balancing act literally.

Are you paying attention to others’ perspectives and learning from them?

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