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The Power of Perspective

Perspective is our point of view and we have identified it as a success mindset for our Success Mindsets and Accelerators Series of books. Interestingly enough, as this first book was published last month I happen to be living in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa for the summer. This has allowed me to examine my perspective even more than I already had while writing this book!

One of the first perspective lessons we shared with our children was about perspective around the weather. To us, coming from a 30 degree winter, it was hot. For the Ivorians, 80 degrees was chilly after 100 degree weather. So, when our children expressed amazement at people who were wearing winter hats, we discussed how our perspectives on the weather differed.

Another perspective lesson has been about food - my perspective about food has been altered by going to the market and only buying food that is in season. As well as buying chicken with its feet and head on it!

I have also had the pleasure of meeting an Ivorian business owner that has harnessed the Power of Perspective to build a successful business. He epitomized the “balcony view” that we talk about in our book!

Are you harnessing the power of your perspective?


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